Durriyyah BeyPrime Minister, Grand Sheikess: Durriyyah Bey was born in Moorish Science with her family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and three wonderful children and grandchildren. Her Linage runs deep, from her Great Grandmother Sidney Travis Bey to her Grandmother Julia Ford Bey who Married James Ford Bey; to her father Leon Ford Bey (aka Ali Bey).

Prime Minister: Grand Sheikess: Durriyyah Bey is a Graduate of Rutgers University, since then she has been in education for over 40 years. Her qualifications range from early childhood education, daycare, preschool, Middle School, Cardiovascular Technology, Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine; Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, Moorish Science School (South Philadelphia), Moorish Science, Law and History.

Prime Minister is best known for her extensive knowledge of Moorish Science as taught by Prophet Noble Drew Ali. She started the blog talk Radio program in 2012, Moorish Science with GSKS: Durriyyah Bey, which includes Sunday School for Children and Adults, Friday Holy Night Meeting, and Wednesday Real MOORS Talk. Prime Minister, Grand Sheikess: Durriyyah Bey re-proclamated the Moorish Nation on March 22nd, 2013 in the County Recorders office in Chicago Illinois.

She is President, Founder, and Head Instructor of Online Schooling for Moorish Children, which opened on September 8th, 2015. Prime Minister, Grand Sheikess: Durriyyah Bey is innovative, creative, strong-willed, and dedicated to the cause of uplifting fallen humanity. For an open line of communication, please visit www.moorishsciencewithgsksdurriyyahbey.com


Afiah BeyGriot/Storyteller

Afiah Talibah Bey joined Online Schooling for Moorish Children as a Reading Instructor in the year 2018. I teach reading and vocabulary to elementary-level students. I was born the 5th of 11 children to Marietta and Cecil Bell. At dinner time they would tell stories of family members and friends of the family. I graduated from Skyline High School in Fashion Design. I attended ETSU (Texas A&M Commerce) after graduation I taught in Commerce ISD & Dallas ISD as a Special Education teacher. I did stories with the students which led to my classes performing for school programs. I became the chairperson of the cultural art and involved the whole school with oratorical and cultural programs. I resigned in 1996 to become a full-time Griot(gree-o)-oral historian, storyteller, musician, poet, and singer. I perform for schools, museums. libraries, cultural events, festivals, parties, etc. I am a member of the Dallas Storytelling Guild. I have been a Griot/Storyteller since 1993 involving audiences in our community to enhance morals, values, and culture to uplift self-esteem. My first self published book "Shebalocs and the Nyabingi Birds"

"I am Afiah Talibah Bey formally known as Melody Bell".


Jahzara Irsa ElJahzara Isra El

The children know me as Sister Jahz, I joined the teaching staff at Online Schooling for Moorish Children in September 2019. I enjoy providing online instruction to all age levels. My areas of teaching our students are in Health and Moorish Latin.

I am an attentive caregiver to a family of nine including, my husband (Brother Arkh) who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, our matriarch (or grandmother) Nana Lillian 83 years young, and am Umi (or mother) to seven brilliant heirs. To date, I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Brooklyn College and a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy from New York University, currently, I own and run a therapy clinic that provides occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy to special needs children and adults in need of rehabilitative services. In addition to being an educator at heart, I continue to be a licensed and practicing Occupational Therapist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist providing specialized consultative services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. My greatest joy is and continues to be helping children to learn, grow and realize their greatness.

I support Prime Minister with the education for our children and welcome the challenges that come with the growth of our children, educating their minds to excellence.

See you in class!

I am Empress Jahzara Isra El!



Majoring in art since middle school, Shamsud Din has been pursuing the field of art since he was a child. In high school he majored in Graphic Communications, Art I & II, then lastly Graphic Design & Multimedia in college. Shamsud Din specializes in "Art Technology" and "Efficient Communications" concerning the field of art.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School (Art)
Oxon Hill high school (Art, Technical Drafting)
North Stafford High School (Art I-II, Graphic Communications, Technical Drafting)
Westwood College (Graphic Design & Multimedia)
BryghtSyde Works Media (HTML & Web Design)