Online Schooling for Moorish Children and "Schools for Moorish Children" (est. 1913) are institutions of higher learning to meet the demand for superior education in North America. The first "School for Moorish Children", established in 1913, has been vitally important to the progression of racial and national identity here in North America; specifically for the descendants of North American slaves labeled as Negros, colored-folk and Black people.

As the circumstances of industry and business changed in North America (1865) and systems of government were altered to fit a more modern world, education of industrial management, technical skills and financial literacy were all required to adjust to the times; wealth of resources and quality of life were not equally distributed among the citizens of the United States (North America). The result of that imbalance of economic security concerning the slave-descendent Negros, colored-folk and Black people was devastating; the end result was a mostly impoverished nation with a lack of self-determination.

"Schools for Moorish Children" is one of the many institutions put in place to change the unfavorable conditions of the branded "Negros" of North America; teaching the importance of racial identity, self-determination, nationhood and financial literacy. Having a useful set of skills, a mind for business and an understanding of nationality are all paramount to the uplifting of a nation. "No other one thing is more needed among us at this time than greater economic, power." -Noble Drew Ali, Founder

Online Schooling for Moorish Children is the natural progression of education for this era. With the advancement of technology and machinery, also comes the advancement in the many ways to educate the public. The citizens of North America have always evolved with the changing times; Online Schooling for Moorish Children is no different, changing and evolving to meet the demands for the new era in education. "In this electrified age men are racing into this life without complete knowledge of where they are going, or what the end will be..." -Noble Drew Ali, Founder

It has always been and North American tradition to strive for progress and excellence, Online Schooling for Moorish Children and "Schools for Moorish Children" (est. 1913) will continue that traditional endeavor.